Tax Strategies

Tax planning is a completely different concept than filing your taxes. Tax filing is simply preparing and sending in your tax return to the IRS by the deadline to ensure you are paying your taxes on time.  Tax planning helps you seek to ensure that you are paying your share of taxes and not a penny more. 

With proper planning, you may be able to reduce your overall liability for income tax, capital gains tax, wealth tax (where applicable) and other taxes on your savings, investments, assets and pensions. You may also be able to lower the inheritance tax liability for your heirs.  Strategic  planning could help make things easier for you today and for your family when you are gone. Many investments provide tax efficiency and also offer more estate planning flexibility and control.

<p>What Do Your Taxes Pay For?</p>

What Do Your Taxes Pay For?

Here's a breakdown of how the federal government spends your tax money.
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<p>Tax Deductions You Won't Believe</p>

Tax Deductions You Won't Believe

Here are some examples of deductions from the IRS that were permitted and some that were, uh, too creative.
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<p>The Facts About Income Tax</p>

The Facts About Income Tax

Millions faithfully file their 1040 forms each April. But some things about federal income taxes may surprise you.
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<p>Social Security Taxes</p>

Social Security Taxes

Estimate how much of your Social Security benefit may be considered taxable.
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